41 cute things to say to your crush 2020

To make him fall in love, conquer him and always have him at your feet, these are 41 original cute things to say to your crush, your boyfriend or your fiance. Light the flame of that love and never let it go out, with these beautiful words.
cute things to say to your crush
cute things to say to your crush

  cute things to say to your crush

1. Count on me for what you need.
It may seem at first a phrase like for a friend, but if what you want to achieve is to approach that boy you like and get his attention, this can be a good phrase to begin to establish a relationship.
2. I will always be by your side to support you.
These are undoubtedly also words that will help you get closer to him.
3. All love songs remind me of you.
If he is a romantic guy who likes ballads, (there are, although maybe not many), this may be a nice phrase to tell him.
4. For me, you are the best in the world.
Well, there isn't much to clarify about these words. Any boy will like to know how important it is for his girlfriend.
5. You are the best thing that happened to me in life.
Say it only if you are really convinced of it. If you say things that you don't really feel, he will notice.
6. I fall asleep and wake up thinking about you.
That always happens when we are totally in love, isn't it? Tell him, if he is also in love he will tell you that the same thing happens to you.
7. I think about you all day, every moment.
Well, it is a phrase very similar to the previous one, just say the one that arises most naturally.
8. How lucky I was to find you on my way.
We always feel fortunate to have the person we love by our side.
9. At your side, I have known true love.
Beautiful phrase, super romantic, to declare your love.
10. You are very important to me.
If you have not yet told them that you love him, you can start by letting him know how important he is in your life.
11. I have loved no one as I love you.
You may have had several boyfriends before him, but with this phrase, you will let him know that what you feel for him is different.
12. This love we have is really very beautiful.
It is always beautiful to be reciprocated in love, let him know how you feel.
13. Your arms are the place where I want to be.
Perfect words to say in the middle of a big hug.
14. When I'm with you, my mood goes bad and I'm a better person.
That is the magical effect of true love, ward off all evils and we feel much better, we see the world with love.
15. We are made for each other, our chemistry is unique.
Having what is said "chemistry", "cool" is also very important. If you feel comfortable with him more than anyone, tell him.
16. You are the sole owner of my heart.
That way you will know that you do not think of anyone else, that there is no one who can compete with the love you have for him.
17. I want to say something to you, I don't know where to start, read the beginning of this message and you will understand.
It's a nice pun, as you may have noticed. It may be an ideal phrase to send in a text message.
18. I am eternally grateful to life for having met you.
When we are in love and are reciprocated, we also feel grateful for the beauty of what we are living, for the happiness it brings to our lives. Surely he feels the same, share your feelings with this beautiful phrase.
19. I like everything about you.
Nice words to tell the guy you like, if he doesn't know yet. Or you can also say this phrase to your boyfriend, the words of love in a romantic moment are never too much.
20. I miss you. I want to be with you every day, for the rest of my life.
If you already have some confidence with him, you can tell him that you want him to share the rest of your life, without being frightened ...
21. How handsome you are!
Kids love to feed their egos… And the girls too.
22. You make me feel the luckiest girl in the world, and it's because I have you by my side.
Well, we have already said that having the person we love by our side makes us feel fortunate. And it's not bad to let him know from time to time.
23. Love, I'm waiting for you ... with new lingerie.
A spicy phrase, for those who seek to further fan the flame of love.
24. We should take time. You give me your present, I give you my future.
Very good phrase, which alerts at the beginning but has a very romantic ending.
25. You make me feel beautiful and special.
That's how we feel when we love and love us.
26.Thanks for existing and being by my side.
More words of thanks for how beautiful love corresponds.
27. Everything bad of the day is erased at a stroke when I am in your arms.
A beautiful phrase in verse to tell your boy.
28. You, me and a life together. I do not know, think about it.
Send him a message with these words, when you miss him.
29. We will be happy. I invite.
Another nice phrase to send by courier, to remember how much you love him.
30. You are the way the world has to tell me how beautiful life is.
A romantic word ideal to send by text message at any time of the day.
31. You are my present, my future and the best thing that happened to me.
Word game with tenses, a sweet phrase for the boy you love.
32. For having stolen my heart I condemn you to a hundred years of kisses and caresses in the cell of my arms.
Another excellent phrase to send by WhatsApp or other messaging systems.
33. I love you to make coffee in the morning, caresses in the afternoon and love in the evenings.
Remember, sending him a phrase like this will make him smile, maybe even the best of his day, if they haven't been able to meet.
34. Every night I invent a future with you.
You can send it before going to bed.
35. If making love extends life, come and make me immortal.
Another spicy phrase so that the most daring girls conquer the boy they like.
36. Life is beautiful, but it is even more beautiful since you are by my side.
Of course, love makes us see everything with other eyes. Tell or send him this phrase to show him how much you love him.
37. My marital status: happily in love with you.
Do you know something? I sent this phrase to my boyfriend myself, some time ago. We are living as a couple and we are very happy.
38. If loving you were a crime I would have life imprisonment.
This is quite well known, but you can use it anyway, you will never look bad with this phrase.
39. If you knew how much I think of you, you would sue me for mental harassment.
Lovers think all day about their love. It is not new of course, but they are beautiful, very romantic words that you can tell your boy to finally conquer his heart.
40. Let's make a trio: you, me and all my life.
You may be surprised for a moment when you hear or read the first three words ... but in the end, you will smile, surely.
41. You are my Google: you have everything I am looking for.
It's a pretty modern romantic phrase I would say. I also used it personally, I sent it to my boyfriend because it seemed very original.
Well, you already have a lot of cute phrases to say to your crush so that he always keeps in mind how much you love him. But be careful, when using these phrases you should also take into account some things to not screw up. Boys are often not as romantic or as expressive as girls and for some, the worst thing you can do is tell them one of these phrases in front of their friends or family.
So be careful and give them only when you are alone, at the right time. If you are a football fan, do not even think of telling one of these phrases while watching the game. Not only will he not listen to you, but he is likely to be bothered by the interruption. In short, use these phrases at the right time and place, when both are alone, becoming cuddly.
Good luck using your phrases!
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