Action blocked, why can't I follow people on Instagram (solved)

Instagram has become the new gold mine of the Internet, for its community. There are influencers who live on this social network, and who base their income on advertising campaigns with brands from all sectors. Here every follower counts, and every ' like',  and every comment or display of the Stories. So, although it seems that it makes little sense for a social network to limit interactions, Facebook has had to put filters and carry out such policies against spam and bots.

why can t i follow people on instagram
why can't I follow people on Instagram

This explains why some users, get the message  'Locked Action' when trying to follow a person on the social network  InstagramThis message is accompanied by more detailed instructions:

This action has been blocked. Try again later. We restrict certain content and certain actions to protect our community. Let us know if you think we made a mistake.

 With this message, under the title 'Blocked Action'  the social network  Instagram prevents some users from following other accounts. But it is curious, because this social network security filter does not prevent anyone from following, but only certain accounts with a large number of followers and interactions. The intention of the Mark Zuckerberg company, with this, is to avoid spam actions and the typical operation of botsIf you give more than 1,000 likes in a day or do  350 to 500 actions a day, automatically skip the Instagram security system and the restrictions begin.

Action blocked on Instagram: why can't I follow people on Instagram, what can I do?

If this happens to you, you only have two possibilities, and you should do them both: when the message appears press 'Report a problem', and then waitYou just have to stop generating interactions for Instagram to consider your account activity 'normal' again, and over time it will allow you to follow these types of social network users again. Now,  it is not your fault, but an imbalance in Instagram filters - against bots and spam - that acts in excess, and against accounts that have normal activity.

Therefore, after all, it is a mistake of the Instagram social networkThe most worrying thing is that this problem has been going on with some users for months, and at the moment the company of Mark Zuckerberg has not recognized the problem and, in the same way, has not announced a solution for this setback.
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