Top 27 Best Manga Websites To Read Manga Online [ultimate list]

Best Manga Websites To Read Manga Online
Perhaps you are one of those people who roam the Internet in search of Good websites to read manga onlineOn the other hand, do you really know what Manga is? 
Manga is a term used for comics created and published in Japan. The word Manga literally means "comic and cartoon." However, Manga is not only popular in Japan. Actually, it has gained international popularity since the 1950s.
Currently, manga can be obtained in a physical format almost anywhere in the world. However, like conventional books, their cost is usually somewhat high. And what happens if you want to read the manga but don't have enough budget? Or, maybe it's not a matter of budget, but of reading a chapter of your favorite manga as soon as it comes out in Japan.
It is in these cases when the internet takes action. On the web, you can find millions of reliable sources to read and download manga. On this occasion, we will show you the Best Manga Websites To Read Manga OnlineCome on!

The best websites to read manga in English

If you read manga from your computer or laptop, but you don't have space to store them, it is best to read it from the web. Here we show you the best websites to read manga, without any particular order.


If you can't find that manga you're looking for, then you should try visiting Kissmanga. One of the best websites to read manga onlineThe site offers a huge collection of manga series, so you will probably find yours.
The Kissmanga interface is quite friendly, and the content is well organized. Therefore, you can browse each list quickly and easily. If something fails with the page or any manga, you can inform the administrators using a service button. And if by chance you don't get the manga you are looking for, you can always send them a request to upload it.
Access Kissmanga from here


If you never have enough when you read manga online, Mangable is your place. The website offers about 5000 absolutely free manga series, which are updated several times a day. Its interface is quite eye-friendly, and the sleeves are organized by list.
One of its best features is that it lets you know exactly when manga was last updated. Mangable allows you to register, which gives you certain additional privileges. you can follow them on their social networks to keep you informed.

Mangafox (now fanfox)

Mangafox was one of the first websites to offer free online manga series. With more than 3 million followers on its Facebook page, it is undoubtedly the most popular manga website to date.
Mangafox offers a huge list of the manga. The genres are varied: drama, fantasy, action, adventure, comedy, school life and much more! It also allows you to interact with other manga readers through interactive forums.
Do you want to go to Mangafox? Click here


Mangafreak (another great website to read manga online) is a completely free manga hosting website with a huge series collection. You can read as many stories as you want, which are updated several times a day. The portal is organized by lists and categories and has an internal search engine.
Visit Mangfreak from this link


Mangapanda offers thousands of manga titles to read online for free. The site has a simple and easy-to-use interface, with several ways to search. You can enter the name in the search engine, browse through the popular manga or read the entire list. And if you want to read the newest, they also have a category for that!
Explore Mangapanda from the following link


MangaPark is a very reliable source for reading manga online and completely free. This website hosts more than 20,000 manga series, so you'll never run out of sleeves to read.
Don't you know when is the manga you read? No problem! MangaPark tells you exactly when the story was updated. And if you read something in publication, you can enjoy the new publications quite quickly.


Mangareader is a very good option to read free manga, and it is also quite popular. Its interface is quite similar to that of Mangapanda (it changes the color and the logo), so navigating is as easy here as we mentioned earlier. However, they are different databases with their own administrators and their own style. If you are looking for a good websites to read manga, Mangareader deserves your attention.
Visit Mangareader on this link


mangastream offers quality scans of your favorite sleeves so that reading is a good experience. Update the sleeves in publication quite quickly compared to other sites. They are also especially careful regarding translation problems, always reporting if there are corrections or updates.

One manga

One Manga (one of my favorite websites to read manga online) offers an incomparable list of manga series, absolutely free and at your complete disposal. On this website, you can choose between recent and not-so-recent updates, depending on what you are looking for.
It's design and interface are quite basic, but at the same time easy to explore. The sleeves are organized by title, in alphabetical order and also by category. Also, One Manga has an internal search engine, which will make your life easier. If you are new to the world of online manga, One Manga is a great place to start.
You can go to OneManga by clicking here

The best websites to read manga in Spanish


Animextremist is not just another manga page. This website brings you a large collection of manga series to download, as well as a lot of extras. From anime series to download to image galleries and download soundtrack and lyrics. In Animextremist you will get everything you are looking for and much more.
Discover Animextremis by clicking here


HeavenManga is a website where you can read your favorite manga for free. The page offers you an extensive collection of sleeves, both classic and in publication. The interface is intuitive and the content is organized by lists.
In HeavenManga you will not only find Japanese manga series. The website also offers a large collection of comics, novels, and doujinshis (manga for adults), also organized by categories.
Browse HeavenManga by accessing this link


LeoManga is another good site to read manga for free. The interface is comfortable and minimalist, which facilitates navigation. The collection of sleeves is sorted by lists, and the web also has a search engine. You can even help the cause, contributing your own sleeves to the collection or helping with the translations.
LeoManga offers the option to register, so you can mark the sleeves as you read them. You will never lose track of the manga you read or those you want to read because with LeoManga you can organize.


MangaHere is one of the most popular pages for reading free manga, both in English and Spanish. The website has more than 10,000 manga series available, with daily updates.
The sleeves are organized by lists, from "Popular Sleeves" to "Latest Publications." As an additional bonus, in MangaHere, you will also find news of interest and a list of manhwas (comics of Chinese origin) to read.
Check MangaHere from this link


Submanga is, perhaps, one of the most popular websites to read manga in Spanish. The site offers scanlation publishers a place to upload their sleeves. A manga reader offers a portal to read without limitations.
Reading in Submanga is completely free, and there is an extensive range of titles to choose from. Its interface is quite simple and pleasant, with an internal search engine and a list of available sleeves. As for intrusive ads, in Submanga you should not worry. You barely notice the notes when you read, which is a good change compared to other free manga pages.


Tumangaonline is a manga site in Spanish that has been on the web since 2014. The page offers manga content classified in lists and an advanced search engine for works from the library. Apart from the traditional Japanese manga, in Tumangaonline you can also find manhwas, novels, and more surprises.
You can preview the content before opening it completely (excellent for slow connections). And if you register, you can see and organize your sleeves in "seen", "pending" and "following", to keep track of your readings.
To go to Tumangaonline, click on this link

Apps to read Manga on Android

One of the best aspects of having your sleeves in digital is that you can access them without worrying about space. If you are a user of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, you will surely want to use them for this purpose. That's why here we bring you the best apps to read manga from Android.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is a great place to start a manga collection. The online site has a wide variety of manga titles that you can download directly in the app. The prices of the volumes are generally fair, although some manga may be somewhat more expensive.
With the mobile app, you can organize your sleeves into collections and take them wherever you want. It serves on smartphones and tablets alike, presenting a very useful e-reader interface.
Download Amazon Kindle here


ComicRack is a great app to read comics and manga alike. It has tremendous support for CBZ, CBR, CB7, CBT, PDF and DJVU formats. ComicRack provides one of the best reading experiences. You can set markers anywhere in your reading for future reference. It also offers color adjustment and screen brightness options.
The app also includes search functions, to locate what you are looking for in your library. ComicRack works best if it is complemented by the Windows app, as it allows you to synchronize content directly from your computer to Android and vice versa. Of course, you also have the option to upload the content manually.


Comixology is a comic and manga app with a lot to offer. It is mostly aimed at fans of regular comics, such as Marvel or DC. However, the app has a fairly decent selection of manga.
The app is specifically built to read comics and that style of literature. That makes it great for fans to read comics and manga from the comfort of their mobile devices. The manga is reasonably priced, or you can also subscribe to the Comixology service and read what you want for free.
Download Comixology here

Crunchyroll Manga

Crunchyroll is one of the greatest legal sources of manga that exist. Being an official site, unlimited access to its content is achieved by subscription. However, with the Crunchyroll subscription, you get access to both anime and platform sleeves. Two birds with one stone!
Download Crunchyroll Manga here

Manga Reader

Manga Reader is one of the few free manga apps worth trying. The app brings together a wide range of manga collections in one place. It also has a variety of organizational features, to help you keep your entire sleeve in order.
The Manga Reader app includes three reading modes, cloud sync, various search options and more.


MangaZone is an app that allows you to read manga for free from the comfort of your Android. It offers a clean interface, along with simple search options. That makes using the app quite easy and fast.
MangaZone has more than 15,000 manga titles to read and download. It also offers a section to discuss your readings with other fans, custom reading settings and much more.

Apps to read Manga on iOS (iPhone / iPad)

If you are an Apple user and you are obsessed with manga, you will surely want to read it without taking off your device. For those moments, many apps can help you. Here we present several of them.

Manga Box

Manga Box is an iOS app that gives you all the free manga you want. Browse new and not-so-new sleeves, and read all your favorite authors. New content is added daily, so you'll never get bored.
Download Manga Box here

Meow manga

If you are looking for an app that allows you to download, read and create your own manga library, Manga Meow is for you. This app is designed so you can enjoy your favorite manga titles from anywhere and at any time.
When looking for manga in Manga Meow, you can do it by title or by author. Some filters can help you find what you are looking for. Some of the other features include automatic content updates, thumbnails in the lists, automatic loading of the next chapter you read, among other things.
Download Manga Meow here

Manga Rock

Manga Rock is a great way to enjoy reading your favorite manga. With this app, you can access thousands of different manga titles. You will find manga in seven different languages, taken from 24 different sources, which gives a wide variety of content.
Manga Rock offers a wide variety of easy-to-use tools. These include creating a list of favorites, downloading background titles, customizing the reader and much more. You can also make backup copies and restore the content, so you can read it on any of your devices.
Download Manga Rock here

Storm sleeve

Manga Storm is all you need if you are looking for an app with a variety of features and tools. This app allows you to add titles using the web browser and also search for new chapters.
Create your own list of favorites, which you can organize and then share with your friends via email. With Manga Storm, it is possible to download titles so that they are available offline. And you can also track your reading progress in each title.
And you whats your favorite websites to read manga online, do leave a comment below

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