Here are the best tricks and tips for Fallout Shelter

tips for Fallout Shelter

the Fallout Shelter for Android is being a success since it had between 5 and 10 million installations in less than two weeks, a figure for nothing bad. In this game, you will have to build a post-apocalyptic shelter where the survivors of the tragedy will live creating their own resources and gradually repopulating the world.
Not everything will be to sew and sing, because we will have to be prepared against the attack of creatures, looters and accidents that will make our survival more complicated because our inhabitants (so-called survivors) can die and we will need badges (the currency of the game) to revive them, some plates that will not be so easy to achieve, especially at the beginning, because everything we build will cost us badges, so if we do not have a good strategy, the shelter could go to waste, so in this post, I will give you some of the best tricks and tips for Fallout Shelter to survive the apocalypse and build the most efficient shelter possible.

Build the tidy rooms

In this game we can merge up to 3 rooms if we create them together, thus being more efficient, so try not to mix rooms, it is preferable to spend the sheets in the elevator and destroy stones to go expanding down because in the future you will need to have the Merged rooms, as they are cheaper to improve, produce more resources and are much easier to collect.

Merge before improvingFallout Shelter Cheats (4)

We can improve the rooms so that they provide us with more resources or space, however, it is always best to merge first until we have a room formed by 3 joined rooms, in this way we will produce more resources without having to spend many more sheets, and also at the time If you make an improvement, it will affect the entire room (consisting of 3 rooms) leaving us much cheaper.Fallout Shelter Cheats (6)

Build little by little

All the rooms we create need electricity to operate and we generate electricity with dwellers, so if you create too many rooms at the beginning you will not have electricity to power them, which will force you to create more generators and assign more dwellers to them, neglecting the food and water, so building more rooms at the beginning can cost you happiness and even the death of many of your inhabitants.

Control the population

When we join a man with a woman in a bedroom, if they are not family they will start talking until they finally have sex, ending the woman's pregnancy, which is a new inhabitant. The goal is to add inhabitants, however, you should do it gradually, because if you pack too many women at once, you will find several children at once, children who consume resources and do not produce them, so you can be in trouble to give food and drink to everyone, reaching discontent and the death of the inhabitants (it has happened to me). In addition, pregnant women do not put out fires or defend the shelter, so we will be more exposed.

Have as many browsers as possibleFallout Shelter Cheats (8)

The key in this game is to explore what they call the wilderness because in it we will find badges, weapons, and costumes, however, we will also find creatures that will attack our explorer causing death, however, the risk is worth it, because it is the best way to get weapons, suits, and coins.

Equip everyone with a weapon

Based on exploring you will fill the warehouse with weapons and costumes, so you should take advantage of them all by equipping them with our inhabitants, because promptly we will receive attacks from looters, mumps, mole or bloodthirsty rats and we will have to defend ourselves against them, so it is never more than our inhabitants are prepared.

Equip everyone with a suit according to their taskFallout Shelter Cheats (5)

There are a lot of costumes available in Fallout Shelter that our explorers will find through the wilderness, each with properties that will affect the SPECIAL of our inhabitants, so it is important that you do not look at the aesthetics and that values ​​to the costumes the skills they affect, so try to dress the workers of the power plants with suits that give strength (army clothes) to those of the restaurant with one of skill (handyman suit), to those of the treatment plant with suits that increase perception (armored shelter monkey) and scouts with resistance suits (wilderness suit).

Don't put guards at the door

We have the possibility of assigning two inhabitants who stand guard at the door to defend the shelter in case of attack, but this is counterproductive, because while they are on watch they will not produce resources and only consume them, therefore it is best to equip workers from the room next to the door with good weapons, they will be the first to deal with intruders.

Train your residentsFallout Shelter Cheats (3)

As we move forward we can create training rooms to improve the skills of our residents. Each room improves a skill, therefore it is important to assign residents to certain rooms depending on the work they perform or want them to perform in the shelterAlso, my recommendation is that you do not have empty training rooms, because the more skill the resident has, the faster the resources will produce.

The medicines are very important

Before I said that the key was to have the maximum possible explorers, because these will be the ones that find badges, weapons, and suits, and the longer the exploration lasts, the better objects they will find, therefore it is important that the expeditions last as long as possible, so do not skimp when training the intelligence of the inhabitants to create clinics and produce first aid kits, in this way you can keep your explorers for much longer exploring.

Sell ​​what you don't useFallout Shelter Cheats (12)

We all like to have as much of everything as possible, however, the storage space is limited, so it is recommended that you sell everything you do not use because you will also earn 10 badges for each sale. It also hurts to always have items in the inventory, as new residents come empty-handed, however it is not necessary to have 5 suits of each or weapons that hardly hurt.

Use Express ModeFallout Shelter Cheats (9)

It often activates the Express Mode in the rooms, because at the beginning the risk of suffering an accident is low and if the express mode works you will have quickly obtained resources, extra badges, and experience for the workers. In case it goes wrong and you fail, you will suffer a fire or an attack of mutarachas, something that your inhabitants will survive without problems (unless you have too many pregnant women in that room) and once they solve the accident they will gain experience, so it deserves the worth a try.
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