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search image on facebook

You can now search images on Facebook for their content

 and social networks give increasing importance to content optimized and generated by users. They favor the original and relevant publications and this latest update of the social media giant is proof of this. You can now search images on Facebook by keywords using the content of the image thanks to Artificial Intelligence. The social network has called this function " Lumos ". At the moment it can only be used in the United States, but we hope that it will be available shortly for other users. 

How does Lumos work?

Before this new update, an image was detectable if it contained an appropriate title and sufficient descriptive tags or hashtagsFrom now on, Lumos will recognize the image without having to attend to these elements, simply based on the content of the photograph.
For this, Facebook has trained its neural network with millions of public photographs of users. He built a machine learning model that describes the image in a single line, focusing on providing descriptions related to people. Since the vast majority of photos shared on the social network include people.
search images on Facebook
Thus, this tool can identify people, objects, places, animals ... and even actions of the protagonists of photography, such as sports, walking, dancing, jumping, etc. Just look for images on Facebook using natural language and the system will review the photos and show us those that match our search criteriaThese images will be those that are marked as public by users.

What does the future hold?

In the not too distant future, Facebook is likely to extend this tool to the videoSince in the past you have already implemented tools for video inclusionThere is also the growing importance of this type of content in social networks. This way we can find the exact moment in a video by searching for the right keywords.

How to find a person on Facebook with 


We can find the situation of wanting to find someone despite not having information about that person, beyond a simple photo, either through another social network or its WhatsApp userLuckily, there is a way to find someone with a simple step through an image of it.
Thus, and thanks to the free TinEye service, we can perform a reverse image search on facebookThus, this service performs a search on all sites that may contain images such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ...
Search for image on Facebook
Search for image on Facebook
To use TinEye we just have to go to your website and upload the image from which we want to search through your search engine as if it were the Google search, but instead of writing, by uploading an image. Thus, we must click on the up arrow icon to load the photo and press Enter or the magnifying glass icon.
Once the search is successful, the corresponding links to the image will appear. On the other hand, if no result appears from that image, TinEye has not been able to find any match, which could mean that that person has not uploaded images to their Facebook account or has their account set to privateIn that case, we must try other methods such as your phone number on Facebook if we have it.

How to find users with the id of a Facebook image 

In addition to the search system through third-party applications, we can also use a small trick that can help us find the author of a Facebook photo through the numerical code system of the photos published on the social network.
And is that if a photo of Facebook reaches our hands but we do not know the author of it, we can find that user with the following trick; and is that when photos are published on Facebook, the social network assigns a URL code to each imageOf course, it is necessary that they have not changed the name of the Facebook image file since it was uploaded to the network. Go for it.
Thus, photos uploaded to Facebook are assigned a specific numerical code for each of them, such as:

fbid = 1012244857405244 & set = a.101584779514469244 & type = 3
How to find someone on Facebook with a photo
This code, in its first half (in this case, 1012244857405244 ) will help us to locate the image on Facebook; To do this, we must copy the code of the image of which we want to know its author and paste it in the address bar of our browser behind the standard Facebook code ( ), being as follows:
Finally, we press Enter (with our active Facebook user) and it will direct us directly to the photo published on Facebook by the user we want to know or identity.
If it does not work, this image may have been deleted from Facebook, the user has deleted their account or has changed the privacy of their profileThis is a valid trick if someone does not want to share the identity of a Facebook friendship, either for personal or professional interest.

How to find a person with Google Images

Thanks to the Google image search engine we can upload an image of someone and perform a reverse search for Google Images to yield a series of results that can lead us to the Facebook account of that person we are looking for. The system is very simple; To do this we just have to go to the official website of Google Images and click on the photo camera icon in the search bar. Now we just have to click on the Upload an image option and click on Choose File to upload the photo of the person we want to identify.
Facebook Tricks: How to find a user's profile with a photo
After a few moments, Google Images will present a series of images similar to the one we have uploaded through the web pages where they have been uploaded, with their direct links. On the other hand, we can also use the Paste Image URL tool in the search bar to search for images similar to a photo that we have found on the internet through the right mouse click and the Copy Image Address optionTo do this, we just have to click on Paste Image URL in the search bar, paste the address of the image we want to use to perform the search and click on the Search by image button.

How to find a person by an image from your mobile

Another option is to use the online service to search for images from mobiles and tablets; To do this you only need to access the browser of our mobile device and paste the address in the address bar. A page will open on which we will have to press the Upload picture button, select the photo we want to use for the reverse search and click on the Show matching images buttonAfter a few moments, Google Images will show us the results.
Facebook Tricks: How to find a user's profile with a photo
Other similar options through free apps are Image Search for QiXingchen for Android or Veracity for iPhone and iPadThe operation is quite similar between the two. And is that once downloaded and installed, we just have to upload the image from which we want to obtain information so that the system offers us the search results.
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