How to play Minecraft on Chromebook [ultimate guide]

Chromebooks are not the ideal Minecraft laptops, that's for sure. There is no web-based version or Chrome Minecraft application, which is written in Java. But Chromebook owners are not completely out of luck if they want to play Minecraft on Chromebook.
If you are a big Minecraft player and you don't want to touch up, you probably don't want to play Minecraft on your Chromebook. But, if you are willing to play, this is How to play Minecraft on Chromebook.  

How to play Minecraft on Chromebook
play Minecraft on Chromebook

  How to play Minecraft on Chromebook 

The Mojang website makes it clear that Minecraft is not officially supported the Chromebook. If you want to play Minecraft on Chromebook, they recommend that it allows programmer mode and running Minecraft for Linux.

Mojang says that this "contradicts the goal of a Chromebook," which is a kind of truth. Installing a Linux system along with your Chrome OS system adds additional complexity, and Chromebooks are supposed to be super simple. However, if you are the type of person who likes to adjust and mess with the system, installing Linux together with Chrome OS can be a little fun adventure. You will have access to both Chrome OS and a traditional Linux desktop system, and you can switch between them with a shortcut key - you won't even need a restart.
To do this, first put your Chromebook in developer mode and install a Linux desktop system with Crouton.
Then, you can install the Java runtime environment on your Chromebook's Linux system, download Minecraft, and run it as you would like to run any other Linux desktop program.
When you want to play Minecraft, you can turn on the Crouton system. You can then flip back and forth between the two different environments with a keyboard shortcut. Certainly, it is not as convenient as with ALT + TAB between Minecraft and your desktop operating system on a traditional Windows, Linux or Mac desktop, but it's not too bad.
Don't bother doing this on an ARM Chromebook. Chromebooks ARM like the Samsung Chromebook that was a great sales success does not offer graphics acceleration in the Linux environment, so Minecraft does not work quite well. It should work fine on Intel-based Chromebooks, and use Intel integrated graphics so they must be well supported by the integrated controllers. You should not have to mess with the installation of NVIDIA or AMD proprietary drivers.

Install Minecraft: Pocket Edition through Android runtime

Minecraft for the Linux option has been the only way to run Minecraft on a Chromebook, but now there is another option. Google has been developing an Android runtime for Chrome and is designed to allow any Android application to work on Chrome OS. Runtime is under development, and officially supports only a handful of applications.
But the Chrome community has jumped into action here. Now there is a modified runtime called Archon, and there are tools that easily package up to any Android APK in a Chrome application that can be installed on Chrome OS. Minecraft: Pocket Edition is available as an Android application, so it could theoretically be run on a Chromebook.
This is an option, and it is one that will undoubtedly improve as time passes. With a little luck, Chrome's runtime developers can even work with Minecraft developers to officially package Minecraft Android application for use in Chromebooks. Microsoft is in the process of purchasing Minecraft, however - and its open contempt for Chromebooks could prevent this from happening.
For now, you might try to install  Archon runtime, and use a tool like  Archon Packager  on your Android phone to take the Minecraft: Pocket Edition application is the owner of the phone and pack the unit for installation in the Chromebook
As of October 2014, we were unable to get Minecraft: Pocket Edition works on a Chromebook. However, we found many people who say modern versions of Minecraft for Android do not run under Archon. Ideally, this will improve over time, since Google's goal is to get all Android applications running under Chrome OS.
The good thing about this method, if it starts working fine, will be that Minecraft only runs in a window on the Chrome OS desktop without playing the violin Developer mode. The problem is that it will be the mobile Minecraft: Pocket Edition application, not the full version of Minecraft for desktops and laptops - which is available on Linux.
There is also the possibility of establishing a remote desktop system, running Minecraft on a desktop PC in another room, and streaming to your Chromebook so you can play Minecraft in another room in your home. This is possible, but it probably won't work very well with the type of remote desktop solutions for Chrome OS. Chrome OS cannot function as a home streaming Steam client or NVIDIA GameStream, which would be the ideal Minecraft flow forms with less than a performance penalty.
so this was how to play Minecraft on Chromebook if you have any questions do leave them in comment bellow.

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