How to Make Money on Pinterest - [9 ideas that work]

When Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp created Pinterest in 2009 they never thought in less than ten years they would reach about 200 million registered users in the world, nor that thousands would make ways to make money with Pinterest.

Here is how to make money on Pinterest.

how to make money on Pinterest
Here is how to make money on Pinterest.

make money on Pinterest through affiliate marketing

It's my favorite way to make money on Pinterest.
The affiliate marketing is to promote products or services of third parties and get a commission when a sale or subscription is complete when using your affiliate link.

Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest What should you do?

Design original content that is valuable and optimized on a particular niche according to the boards you have set up on Pinterest and that pin links it to your affiliate link.
You constantly refresh your pins, you are looking for your number of followers to grow, update and enrich your boards with information “repined” from other interesting sources.

What affiliate programs are recommended for Pinterest?

I recommend the following affiliate programs
Can you add links from the Amazon affiliate program to Pinterest?
If you can, many people do it, but it is not clear in Amazon's policies whether or not you can, I do not do it because of the risk of being penalized by Amazon, but many people do.

Are direct affiliate links prohibited on Pinterest?

The short answer is that if you can put it, I'll tell you more ...
A few years ago Pinterest was flooded with publications and images "Scam" or misleading which forced Pinterest to ban affiliate links, but in mid-2016 he allowed them again.
How much money can you earn with affiliate links on Pinterest?
I personally make about $ 250 USD per month with some affiliate programs, but you can earn much more. Many people earn more than $ 1000 USD per month by doing this.
Keep in mind that this effort is long term, in the beginning, you don't earn anything but the more you create valuable content for Pinterest the Pinterest algorithm gives you more and more visits.
It may take weeks or months to see results, but once you have traffic it becomes a passive income.

2. make money on Pinterest with a blog or your e-commerce stores 

It is the easiest and most reliable way to capitalize on your Pinterest account. In fact, you can send a lot of traffic to your blog from Pinterest.
In the last 30 days I received, from Pinterest, 455,670 free visits to one of my blogs, look at my analytics:

Pinterest is not only a social network, but it is also a search engine and as such can, like Google, bring traffic to your blogs, web pages or online stores.
If you achieve an important group of followers, you design and publish good material in the form of a pin, and you achieve visualization and clicks on the links, it is only a matter of days before you begin to see how your traffic increases.
Remember that content published on Pinterest is not lost as on Twitter or Facebook. A pin with unique content, that gives value and that receives good acceptance and is “repined” frequently, will remain in people's feeds becoming a true source of passive income.
How much money can you earn with Pinterest by sending traffic to your blog?
You can earn thousands of dollars a month by doing this.

3. Create a mini marketing agency for Pinterest

Many businesses know nothing about Pinterest and you can help them manage their account, they require the design or editing of some visual material or account management.
In Mexico alone, Pinterest has more than 100,000 million page views per month, these visitors can be very useful to many small businesses.
Works range from specialized searches of boards or pins, optimized pin design or updating and maintenance of an account.
What are you waiting for! Learn how to use Pinterest for business marketing.

4. Manage Pinterest accounts for small businesses

Many of these brands are in search of people capable of bringing them their Pinterest marketing campaigns.
So, if you have the necessary knowledge, it is best that you dedicate yourself to look for jobs that need a professional profile to carry out your marketing campaigns, creative copy, etc. If a business has Pinterest, it will need someone to handle it.

5. Be an influencer on Pinterest

Honestly, this option is not for everyone, only for those who already have some travel and authority on Pinterest.
With a few thousand followers on your boards, always well-received information and many visits, you become an “ influencer ” and with that, you can make money with Pinterest.
Some companies and brands pay between USD 15 to USD 30 for a publication for every thousand followers you have on your boards.
If you do not get results in a short time do not give up, you will achieve results by building interesting boards, a fan base, and quality content.

6. Create ideas

Many users have built boards aimed only at obtaining money. So going around them can be very inspiring since you never know, you may end up creating a great idea about a really profitable business.
The truth is that these sites are very complete since you can access tips, ideas for your business, courses, etc. Some have more than 100,000 followers, so you'll know how effective they can be.

7. Offers learning

On Pinterest, you can earn money by creating crafts or with a trade. You can generate income by creating paper crafts, carpentry, upholstery, etc.
Orient your Pinterest to people interested in learning this kind of thing, besides being a space where you can offer your knowledge, it can also be a good place to sell your crafts.
Of course, you will need other platforms to boost your sale, you can attend handicraft fairs in your city, go to stores in your town, or a web platform dedicated to the sale, etc.
But what is indisputable, are the possibilities of ideas, inspiration and learning that Pinterest can offer you.

8. Change

make money on Pinterest.
Here is how to make money on Pinterest.

There is another platform, very similar to Pinterest: Keep. 
This site gives the possibility to select items and products within their boards. You can also buy directly through the site.
Entering Keep requires an invitation, however, it is possible to submit an application and expect to qualify.
To be a candidate, you must give information about the metrics of your social networks, visits to your blog on a monthly basis, how many followers you have on your social networks such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.

9. Acquire new skills

You may not be a person who knows a lot about crafts or crafts, but these things are not the only ones you can find on Pinterest.
Focus on looking for activities where you can develop new skills; there is everything. You can learn to lay floors, paint furniture, etc. This will undoubtedly save you money because you can do things without paying someone else to do it.
On the other hand, once you have gained experience in performing these activities, who stops you from starting to charge for your work?
There are testimonials from people who have created tutorials on how to perform certain activities, such as painting houses, for example, and then have been able to find work for performing those tasks.

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