How to get verified on Twitter | Step By Step In 2020

How to be verified on Twitter
How to get verified on Twitter

Twitter is one of the best and fastest places to connect with other people, brands and organizations. To succeed, you may want to get verified on TwitterThis will help you build credibility as a digital brand, or let others know that you are a real person. So How to be verified on Twitter you may ask.
An example of a verified Twitter account
How to be verified on TwitterWe will break it down step by step. We will provide everything you need to verify your Twitter account as a real person, or as a brand or company. Once it has been verified, your Twitter account is infallible for any violation of the Terms and Conditions. This allows you to increase the growth of your public interest in the platform.

Twitter verification prerequisites

You will need some things before requesting that Twitter verify it. Then, you will be on your way to have the Twitter verification badge displayed on your Twitter profile. This is what you will need
  • You will need a phone number verified by Twitter as operational and legitimate.
  • Make sure you have confirmed your email address associated with your Twitter account. Your email address must be linked to your personal Twitter account, brand or organization.
  • Your biography must be completed for the Twitter account you are verifying.
  • The profile picture for Twitter must be present; It cannot be the default Twitter egg.
  • Place the header photo you want to represent yourself or your brand in the Twitter header section. You can't leave it empty.
  • Your birth date must be associated with your Twitter account. This does not apply to pages made for a company, brand or organization.
  • You must link a viable website associated with your account.
  • Tweets must have public visibility. This can be done in tweet settings.
Are you requesting verification of a personal Twitter account profile? Then, you must also send a copy of a valid official ID issued by the government. This may be your driver's license or passport. It is used to confirm your request and is deleted at the end.

Recommended conditions of the Twitter account profile

On the way to get a verified Twitter account, some conditions must be established for this to happen.
  • If you are using a personal Twitter account to represent it, then your username is your real name or your stage name.
  • When representing a company, cooperation or brand, the Twitter account should also reflect that in the name.
  • Your profile and header photos are relevant and representative of you and your company or brand.
  • The biography associated with the Twitter account expresses its mission, intention or experience.
These are just some additional tips and reminders. This can help your Twitter account have a higher verification acceptance result. It will allow displaying the Twitter verification badge.
Recommended safety precautions. 
In addition to the information you provide to be verified, you must also be aware of security details. A pirated account is much less likely to be verified. Twitter information pages suggest the following:

  • Activate the login verification so that a second security verification is required before you can log in.
  • Keep automatic enrollment verification features activated.
  • Be selective about which third-party applications can access your Twitter.
  • Secure the email associated with your account.
When does Twitter ask for more information?
Twitter may request more information to verify your Twitter account. It is better to provide Twitter with additional information if the need arises. You will have a better chance of being verified by Twitter when you meet.
When you decide to verify your Twitter account, you must log in to the Twitter account to request verification. Then, you must complete a verification request form. You will receive an email from Twitter after submitting your request.
What things will make me lose the verified status?
Currently, some site actions may disqualify you from verification. It is important to take note of this before continuing.
  • Intentionally deceiving other members by changing names, biographies or images that do not reflect their identity.
  • Violence, dangerous behavior, harassment of self-harm or hate speech.
  • Inappropriate images
  • Participate in actions that violate the terms and conditions of the policy.

How to be verified on Twitter in 2020

There has been a lot of controversy over social media credentials in recent years since we first published this. Things like fake news and phishing scams have tightened the belt of what is happening and what is not happening for today's social platforms.
Check back frequently because at the end of 2019 Twitter sometimes has waiting lists for the verification process. At the end of 2018, all new verifications were temporarily paused.
AdWeek also reported this week that Twitter will completely rethink its verification strategy in the coming months. This new verification design is expected to impact brands and creative professionals more. The politicized content channels will have a more strict verification process.
In some cases, YouTube creators may also have difficulty maintaining their current verification status on their host platform. This can be reflected in your associated Twitter accounts. It is important to keep an updated version of Twitter verification policies saved or easily accessible. Check frequently.
If my first verification attempt fails, what do I do?
You can request another verification from Twitter for the same account 30 days after your first request if it is rejected. Twitter may request that certain parts of your Twitter account profile be edited or may require additional information.
Simply follow the instructions that Twitter sent you by email so that your Twitter account meets the verification standards. Then, resubmit your Twitter verification request.
That's. Now you can go ahead and verify your Twitter account. Simply follow the recommended steps we have outlined and get your verification from Twitter.
In the case of new denial of the verification policy 
Was your previously approved verification denied? Verification policies are changing. So are the rules for the new presentation. If your verification status has changed, you may need to contact Twitter customer service to be approved again. Check the Twitter Help Center to find out how you can contact someone in the administration for help. Always check the Twitter Help Center for policy updates.

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