How to permanently delete Your Twitter account [Pc/Android/Iphone]

How to permanently delete Twitter account
How to permanently delete Twitter account

Twitter is a great social media platform to make connections and get noticed, but it is not for everyone, we understand. 
Maybe you tried and decided it wasn't your thing. So How to delete Twitter account (
permanently) that you are not using?

It is not clear if something really changes with your Twitter account during the deactivation period other than that you cannot log in (well, you can log in, but it will force you to restart the deactivation period). Therefore, do not expect any monumental changes to your Twitter account until the deactivation period ends.
Now that is out of the way, follow us and you will soon be free of Twitter.

How to delete Twitter account (permanently )

Method # 1: Delete Twitter account on a computer

Select a web browser and go to Twitter.comThen, you may be on track to deactivate and allow your Twitter account to be deleted after a thirty-day waiting period.
Go to the Twitter web application from your web browser and log in. Once there, select More on the left side of the screen.
If you have tweeted something since opening your Twitter account, you can get a copy of your tweet file before deleting it completely. Twitter can send you an email that contains all your tweet history.
Otherwise, choose  Settings and privacy after clicking  More.
On the next page, you should see the option Deactivate your account in the lower right corner. Go ahead and select it.
After that, Twitter will confirm that you are ready to deactivate your account and guide you through what happens when you deactivate it. If everything seems fine, continue and select  Disable.

Method # 2: Delete Twitter account on iPhone

Deleting your Twitter account in the iPhone application is quite similar to how it is on a desktop computer. First, open the Twitter application and make sure you are logged in to the correct account.
On any screen of the application, you should see your profile picture in the upper right corner. Go ahead and touch it.
In the menu that appears on the left side of the screen, choose  Settings and privacy.
Then, choose  Account from the top of the screen.
Near the bottom of your account settings, you should see the family option  Disable your accountAgain, give it a touch.
As on the desktop, Twitter will confirm that you want to deactivate your account and provide you with information about what will happen next. While you are satisfied with everything you see, you can continue and select  Disable.

Method # 3: Delete Twitter account on Android

Deleting Twitter on Android is not much different from deleting it on iPhone; the menus and icons will look a little different.
First, in the upper left corner of the screen, you will see your profile icon or the well-known Android menu icon of three hamburger lines. Touch it and select  Settings and privacy from the menu that appears.
Then, tap  Account, scroll down and select  Deactivate your account, read the information and confirm that you want to deactivate your account by touching  Yes, Deactivate.
And that is!
Final thoughts
Perhaps you have become a freelancer and would like to use the Twitter application to promote yourself and your work. That would be an excellent reason to use Twitter. However, if you have completely decided that this Twitter account should be deleted and never seen again, just wait thirty days and it will disappear forever.
You can always open another new Twitter account in the future, if necessary.
This concludes our tutorial on how to delete Twitter accountIf you know another way that we have not included in our tutorial to delete a Twitter account, inform us in the comments and we will make sure to add it to our publication.
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