How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently (step by step)

Undoubtedly, Instagram has become one of the fashion social networks and a basic and essential communication tool for millions of young people around the world who photograph multiple aspects of everyday life and share it with their friends on Instagram. 
how to delete instagram account permanently
how to delete Instagram account permanently 

But in today's article, I will explain how to delete Instagram account permanently, as well as how you can cancel an Instagram account, in case you want to recover it later.

delete instagram account10 Reasons why Instagram could delete your account

Now let's see some of the reasons why the Instagram social network could delete our account:

  1. Create an account and be under 14 years old.
  2. Publish content that shows violent images, of complete or partial nudes, discriminatory, illegal, transgressive, in bad taste, pornographic or with sexual content
  3. Usurp the identity of other people.
  4. Defame, harass, intimidate, abuse, harass, threaten, intimidate or impersonate people or entities, and you must not publish private or confidential information
  5. Access the Instagram API using methods not allowed.
  6. Spam and repeatedly bother other users.
  7. Post private information of other people.
  8. Not respecting intellectual property in the content we publish.
  9. Indiscriminately tag other users in photos.
  10. In the event that there is a real risk of physical damage or a direct threat to public safety.

Reasons to delete an Instagram account

  1. Little use. It is one of the most common and perhaps the main reason to delete an Instagram account since we have the Instagram account if using months and even years ago and then we decided that we better close the Instagram account.
  2. Account Change Another reason is that we have decided to change accounts and then we think it is better to close the previous one to devote all our time and effort to the new account.
  3. Privacy issues We all know that Instagram is a social network that belongs to Facebook and of course, we know that the social giant lives from the transfer of personal data to brands through advertising, which logically everyone does not like and hence they decide to close your account.


How to delete Instagram account permanently

How to delete an Instagram account:
  1. Log into the Instagram web application.
  2. Access the page.
  3. Select the reason why you want to delete your account.
  4. It will ask you again for your access password to confirm the deletion of the account.

Remember that by deleting your account you will lose all access data, images, likes, comments, contacts, etc. Additionally, you will not be able to re-create an account with the same username in the future.

How to deactivate an Instagram account or temporarily disable

If you want to deactivate an Instagram account and make it hidden for the rest of the users for a certain time, then Instagram allows it.
How to deactivate an Instagram account:
  1. Log into the Instagram web application.
  2. Access the website
  3. Select the reason why you want to deactivate your account, enter the password and click on the lower blue button “Temporarily Disable Account”.

Remember that when you deactivate an Instagram account you will have it temporarily hidden for other users, but you can activate it again in the future whenever you want.


If you decide to delete Instagram account permanently, your photos, comments, likes, friendships, and all your data will be permanently deleted and you can no longer recover themIn that sense, Instagram notifies you, if in the future you want to create another account you will not be able to use the same username. A security measure so that no one pretends to be someone who has deleted an account. It seems logical, doesn't it?
Sometimes you wonder if people who are no longer, whether friends or family, should continue to have their Instagram accounts, perhaps to keep the memory alive or not to forget the faces of those people, but the truth is that this is a decision Very personal and respectable, both eliminating it and maintaining it on time.
Finally, I leave you the help link for Instagram where you will find answers to any questions that may arise about this social network, and in addition to rules and rules of use, you will find recommendations on how to properly manage your account on this social network.

Are you thinking of deleting an Instagram account permanently?

Did you know that your Instagram account can be temporarily disabled?

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