Google Recorder is available for all Android 9 and Android 10

Google Recorder
Google Recorder
The team of XDA developers has made a great Christmas gift by expanding the features of Google Recorder, the new app that can be transcribed from audio to text will be available for all Android devices, not just Pixels.

The app-based on machine learning Google Recorder, which the company presented along with Pixel 4 and only for Pixel devices has been released for all Android phones, it should be noted that XDA Developers was responsible for releasing it but only the terminals that have Android 9 or 10 may use it.
Google Recorder apk
Google Recorder
According to XDA, the Google Recorder app is available to work on Huawei, Honor, Motorola, Nokia devices and even some LG models that have Android 9 or Android 10, they also indicate that Samsung and Sony Xperia terminals can also use the application in charge to translate what we say with voice to text, a really cool feature created by Google.
Google Recorder is really useful, so much so that XDA Developers believes it should be on all Android devices:
The latest Google Pixel 4 smartphones have many attractive features such as 90Hz refresh rate screens and the latest Google camera software, but one of the features we personally find incredibly useful is the new Google Recorder application.

Why should everyone have Google Recorder?

The Google Recorder app is nothing more than an offline recorder, that is, it can record what you say and transcribe or translate to text in real-time, thanks to a powerful machine learning algorithm.
Google Recorder app
Google Recorder
The app indexes the text next to timestamps, this will allow the user to click on an audio sequence and the pp will redirect it to the corresponding text file section. The convolutional neural networks are responsible for classifying sounds and combining them with those recorded in the database.
Also, Google Recorder also searches for real-time audio, previously the app is only available for Pixel 4 and other Google terminals such as Pixel 2 and Pixel 3, however, the last update of December 2019 will also add the app to Android devices Other manufacturers
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