The 10 Best Strategy Games For Iphone To Download In 2020

What are the 10 best strategy games for iPhone - iPad in 2020 in the Apple iTunes StoreWe have selected some of the best iOS video games of all time.

best straategy games for iphone and ipad

The 10 best strategy games for iPhone - iPad (2020)

1.- Rome: Total War  (10.99 euros)

best strategy games for iphone

For iPad Another game that comes from PC to conquer iOS. You put yourself in front of a noble Roman family and you are going to have to manage your territory, take your troops to battle and win all the coins you can. Essential.

2.- Sid Meier's Civilization VI  (free)

Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Available for the iPad the classic we have all played on our computer. Spread your empire across the map, make your culture progress and rise to the greatest leaders in history to build a civilization that will stand the test of time. Play as one of 20 historical leaders, such as Roosevelt (United States) and Victoria (England). Free download, and then play your first 60 free shifts ... Then it is expensive. It is his only fault.

3.- Fallout Shelter (free)

Fallout Shelter

Do you want to build the best post-nuclear shelter? You have to survive, and for that, you must make difficult decisions. You have to take risks and keep the population happy.

4.- Clash of Clans (free)

The 10 best strategy games for the iPhone (2015)

Build your town and defend it. Take your tribe to victory. Battles, planning and good graphics make this game one of the best and most entertaining of the App Store.

5.- Plague Inc (0.99 euros)

Plague Inc

A classic of the app store. Your pathogen has just infected patient zero. Now your mission is to extinguish humanity by spreading a lethal epidemic while sabotaging the population's efforts to combat it.

6.- FTL: Faster Than Light  (10.99 euros)

FTL: Faster Than Light

Do you want to be the captain of your own interstellar ship? Adjust the relays of your ship, the engine, the torpedoes, take care of your crew and defend yourself against pirates. If you like simulators this is the game you have to download on your iPad. Special for Star Trek or Firefly fans.

7.- Tropico (12.99 euros)

tropico ios app game

Do you remember when you played this game on your PC? Well now you can do it perfectly on your iPad, and it is wonderful. As a newly elected leader of an underdeveloped Caribbean island but with untapped resources and enormous potential, hopes have been placed on you to take Tropico to the glorious future that its people deserve. The opportunities are unlimited in this fun city building game with a political twist.

8.- Star Trek Fleet Command (free)

Star Trek Fleet Command

Do you want to control the star fleet? You want to relive the Star Trek battles. This is your chance ... and totally free. Enter a galaxy on the brink of war, in which the Federation, the Klingons or the Romulans fight relentlessly for control of the Alpha and Beta quadrants. Discover an ancient secret that could unbalance the balance of power forever. Do not fall for purchases within the app.

9.- Transport Tycoon  (7.99 euros)

Transport Tycoon

You may not like it at first, but then you won't be able to stop playing. Build your transport empire. You will have to solve different logistic problems at each level.

10.- Clash Royale (free)

Possibly one of the most addictive games of 2017. Choose your deck well, position your cards well on the battlefield and do not level up all the cards you have. Be careful with your opponents.

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11.- Iron Marines  (4.49 euros)

Iron marines

From the creators of Kingdom Rush, we get this game half Starcraft half defensive towers. Lead your troops to the next mission. You have purchased it within the app.

12.- Civilization Revolution 2  (10.99 euros)

Civilization Revolution 2

Tremendous gameplay in this version of this popular computer game. You have to decide the fate of your people and take it to glory or disaster. You can recreate specific points of the story or play campaigns.

13.- Pocket Tanks (free)

The 10 best strategy games for the iPhone (2015)

From the PC world comes Pocket Tanks. Simple to play and very addictive. More than 100 pieces of artillery to choose from. It seems that it has little to contribute, but it is really good.

14.- Blackbar  (3.49 euros)

The 10 best strategy games for the iPhone (2015)

In English but it's worth it. You have to solve and find the missing piece. Censorship has never been so entertaining. A different video game that you will love as long as you have some knowledge of English.

15.- Project Highrise  (4.49 euros)

Project Highrise

Do you want to build a skyscraper? This is your video game. You can add apartments, restaurants, offices ... and you have to have them all happy, and the truth is that it is not easy: you have to do things with your head and thinking that the more people the more needs. A fairly addictive game. IPad only.

16.- Hoplite  (3.49 euros)

The 10 best strategy games for the iPhone (2015)

A strategy game with simple but really addictive graphics. Improve your skills and move on to the next level. Both to play in a casual way and to spend a few hours. You will not get bored with this video game.

17.- SpaceTeam (free)

The 10 best strategy games for the iPhone (2015)

SpaceTeam is a game designed from two to four people. Everyone is assigned a random control panel. Everyone must control the spacecraft ... or it will explode.
so this was our list for the best strategy games for android, we hope you liked it if you have any other games you want them to be included in the list please leave them in the comment below.
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