What Does [fortis fortuna adiuvat tattoo] John Wick Tattoo Meaning?

The third installment about the killer played by Keanu Reeves has given new clues about his past. 

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum, the third installment on the killer played by Keanu Reeves, has raised over $ 252 million worldwide. In SesanCine we have already talked about how the film opens the way to the feminine 'spin-off' Ballerina and how many people the protagonist has been killed throughout the trilogy. Now we want to tell you what the tattoos that John Wick has on his back mean.

Although they may not be important, a revelation of the third installment of the saga indicates that they do. In his career to survive after being excommunicated and having put a price on his head, John Wick uses his past to seek help and escape from New York. His meeting with the Director ( Anjelica Huston ) reveals that the real name of the protagonist is Jardani Jovavonic, who is Russian and was trained by Ruska Roma, the Russian mafia. During the twentieth century in the Soviet Union, criminals and Russian communities who were in prison began using tattoos to indicate the career and rank of their members. Therefore, those that John Wick carries on his back and can be seen in the first installment John Wick (A good day to kill) when he showers and in the third when Ruska Roma engraves a hot cross on his back they have a specific meaning.
"Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat" is the phrase that the protagonist carries on his back. It is Latin and translates as "La Fortuna favors the strongest." After seeing this tattoo in the first installment, some thought that John Wick was a marine since the United States Marine Corps uses the Latin motto "Fortes Fortuna Juvat". However, the first is a proverb about the pagan goddess Fortuna and the second is not. In addition, the hands that appear below seem to be praying to that deity or asking for forgiveness and are inspired by those drawn by the German prince Albrecht Dürer. The funny thing is that the cross behind the hands seems orthodox Christian, so the combination of the phrase with the bottom of the tattoo contradicts each other.

On the right shoulder, you see what looks like the head of a howling wolf. The Russians call this type of drawing (also applicable to tigers and leopards) "Oskals", a word that means "big smile". That John Wick bears one of these indicates aggression and hostility towards the authorities. On the left shoulder, although it does not look good, ahead or skull can be sensed with the hair on fire. This could mean the strong will of its owner, his lack of fear of authority or murder . Finally, on his arm there is a cross, symbol that indicates "thief". However, this is usually placed on the chest, so the situation of this tattoo on your body could indicate something different. In the case of the character of Reeves, in addition, this cross is on top of a scar. 

Will we know in detail the meaning of these tattoos in future deliveries? John Wick 4 will hit movie theaters in May 2021. The new chapter on the murderer may go deeper into his past and explain the meaning of these tattoos.
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