Top 21 Sites For Anime Streaming To Watch Your Favorite Anime

Are you looking for some free fonts to watch free anime online in 2019? Well, I'd love to stream anime online. But because of the big fake things on the Internet, it's hard to find real websites, I know you're also desperate to know the websites to watch anime and download them. In this article, we have listed some of the best free sites for anime streaming of 2020 that really work.

Sites For Anime Streaming websites

Entertainment is essential for all humans! Movies and shows prove to be one of the best entertainment modes. Each of us has a different kind of taste. Like movie download sites, Anime sites are the same. But, some people like dramatic movies/shows, while preferring action. One of those categories is anime. It is also known as Japanimation since it originated in Japan. It is a hand-drawn or computer-generated comic that is then broadcast worldwide.
Main sites for anime streaming: it is difficult to find all episodes of these anime series in one place and also be available when they are broadcast on television. However, some websites broadcast these anime series, and you can watch them whenever you want! So let's take a look at these websites and know what they have to offer.
20 best free anime streaming websites/ sites for anime streaming
These anime sites are also in the Japanese language. Instead of downloading these animated series, I would rather stream the anime online directly from the sites.


best sites for anime streaming

As can be deduced from the name, this website is completely based on anime series. It presents only programs licensed by US companies. Also, viewers are not upset with useless and irritating ads. You can stream your program in a resolution of up to 1080p, you have the hardware compatible with it! Stream programs like Trigun, Kite, Spice, and Wolf, etc.

2)  Gogoanime.IO

best anime streaming sites

This is one of the anime streaming service websites since it has everything well organized! You will find several categories on this website, such as New Season, Popular, Movies, etc. You can also search for a particular anime show or movie that you are looking for by entering its name in the search bar.

3)  Animestreams.NET

best anime streamin websites

Even this is a very well maintained website where you will find categories for complete and ongoing anime shows. The amount of ads that appear here is much lower compared to most anime streaming websites. A distinctive feature of this website is that if you cannot find the program you are looking for, you can complete a form and request it. It also provides dubbed and subtitled anime in English.

4)  Chia-Anime.TV

Chiannimetv 2019

This is one of the most used anime streaming websites in the world. This is due to its high speed compared to most websites. It is considered to be 10 times faster than most websites. You will find the latest anime shows on the home page of this website. In addition, you can search for a program by the initial letter of the program name. All alphabets are displayed on the home screen, and you must click on the required alphabet. It provides high-quality anime that are subtitled or dubbed in English. You can also download anime programs using this website.


Anime season

The user interface of this website is quite attractive! and one of the best anime streaming sites. In addition, users are not harassed with unnecessary ads and pop-ups. This website is integrated with video players that allow its users to stream anime programs with subtitles or animations. This website lacks a search bar, but all programs are well organized so you can easily find them. Even here, the shows are marked Completed or In Progress.

6)   Hulu

The best shows and series of Hulu

Hulu Anime is one of the best anime websites that offers anime videos online. Hulu contains a large collection of anime movies, TV shows, and original Hulu shows. Despite this, if you were looking for additional content on the website, then you should consider visiting the Hulu website. But, the website is not completely free, you have to pay some dollars to access some payment programs. However, the monthly subscription price is quite affordable and comes with a 30-day free trial. Therefore, you can check the service before buying a plan.

7) | Watch Anime online 2019

Anime Freak is also another of the best free anime streaming sites available on the Internet. The best part of the website is that it is completely free to access. As the name implies, this site is made for anime monsters like you.
However, you will see ads. In addition to the ads, the website has more than 10,000 episodes of anime shows. So, if you are looking for free access to the visiting website to watch free anime programs, I suggest you go with


Kissanime is also another popular 2019 anime streaming website that also provides free access to view any content on the website. The website offers you high-quality anime videos, Mega Series, cartoons and much more. You can even stream videos in different formats, such as 240p, 720p, and 1080p.


Anime Manga here is one of the best anime streaming sites that stream the latest popular animated series. The website provides very easy user interference. The best part of the website is that you won't find too many ads. The site is completely free but it seems to be premium. Everything on the site is well organized. You must visit this website.


List of all contents 4K Netflix 2019

When it comes to streaming programs online, we always hear the name called Netflix. Netflix is ​​one of the most popular online streaming platformsHowever, it is not free, but if you buy a subscription, it will be a good decision for you. The website has many original programs, as well as television programs.
Also, you will get the Anime series. The website also offers the possibility to change the audio from Japanese to English in Anime videos. You will even get subtitles. So, if you want a reliable platform to watch anime videos, then Netflix will be a good option for you. And due to such reasons, Netflix grapes rank first in a list of the best anime streaming sites.

11) - Popular anime site

Crunchyroll is also another best website that offers 20,000 episodes of different anime series online. The website offers live-action titles, as well as Korean dramas. The website is completely free to watch anime online for free.


Funimation is known for having one of the most significant collections of all anime genres. It is one of the largest anime streaming websites that are based in North America. It is a completely free platform to access any content. Simply create an account on the site and you will be ready to start. Funimation offers all the best-animated shows of 2019 in different languages ​​with the subtitles feature.


Well, if you're looking for a specific animated series and you don't get it online. Then you have the option of using SideReel. Because it works like a search engine that only finds an animated series for you. Simply enter the name of the program and it will show you the best results. Then click on a link and you will get the animated series.


Arriving at the next name, Well, as the following suggestion, we have collected the Anime Heaven website. The site is completely free on this list of anime streaming sites. You will get all the animated series, current series, cartoons, and popular movies.
It allows users to download videos of different video quality. So, if you are looking for a website where you can not only download videos but also stream them, then Anime Heaven would be a great option for you.


Watch Anime is an excellent website for watching animated series in English. The website allows you to stream the videos for free. And another great thing is that the website offers high-quality video streaming. The website offers daily animated series with the best website management. The website is updated daily with the latest anime shows.


Anime Nova is the best place to get anime series, anime movies, and Korean dramas. The website offers daily episodes of anime shows,  cartoons, and movies. The website comes with duplicate anime versions. The best part of the website is that the website provides high-quality videos. You can see some ads, but the ads are not boring. You will get a pleasant visual experience.


Anilinkz is another great option to watch complete episodes of almost all animated series. The website offers daily animated series with high-quality videos. However, you will not get any download button function to download videos. The best part of the website is that it provides all videos dubbed in English.


Narutoget is the largest online website to watch the secure anime series. The website also has anime movies and manga. The website offers the original Naruto Shippuden to the English nicknamed Naruto, manga and movie collection.
The website offers high-quality videos, but the download option is not provided here. However, the site is completely free. There are millions of Naruto series fans out there. So, in case you like the Naruto series, then you should check this website.


Anime Ultima is also an excellent online site that offers animated streaming series in English. The best part of the website is that it is completely free to access. The website has all the popular animated series. In addition to the animated series, the website also offers the famous animated films.
However, there is no download button on the website. Despite this, you will get high-quality videos. The website does not contain so many ads that provide a better user experience. This makes the site one of the most favorite to access Anime movies on the Internet. If you are a user who does not want to watch commercials while watching an anime, then you should go to this site.

20)  KuroAni | Watch Anime Site Online

KuroAni | Latest Anime Movies Site

Hello, Kudos  To all of you readers, last but not least. This is one of the latest Anime streaming websites added to this 2019 list. If you follow us, you may know that it is a   very good and safe anime site with fewer ads and you will get almost all the old anime here. I should recommend it to all otaku people, newcomers and experts, to try the site once. You will also get a chat option on this site. (Both cartoons and anime)



Big fan of English anime?  Last but not least, if you are looking for dubbed anime sites in English, would be the best option. Anime HD quality gives you the best user experience with 720p and 1080p subtitles. The 9Anime has the best content dubbed in English and in your local language and we know that this can greatly entertain you.


These were some of the best free sites for anime steaming 2020  that you can use to watch anime series and shows. 

Also, you can watch all the shows for free! If possible, you can also download an anime program on your device using some of the websites mentioned above. You can try them and find out which one suits you best. Also, if you use any website to stream anime programs and it is not listed above, let us know in the comments section below.

In addition, users are not harassed with unnecessary ads and pop-ups. This website is integrated with video players that allow its users to stream anime programs with subtitles or animations. This website lacks a search bar, but all programs are well organized so you can easily find them. Even here, the shows are marked Completed or In Progress.

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