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Anything goes ... unless you are in the wrong country.
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In October 2017, in the USA, during a fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Connor McGregor lost to Floyd Mayweather. This fight, which took place in Las Vegas, was Mayweather's very last before he retired. It was his 50th straight victory. This has also created an unprecedented craze for this sport. Several celebrities made the trip, including, in particular, Jennifer Lopez who we could see at the edge of the ring, or even, mixed with the public, Mike Tyson, Sharon Osborne, and Vinnie Jones. 
If you do not yet know the Ultimate Fighting, here is the concept: seasoned fighters, strict rules, wild public. The UFC comes from the USA, and the organization that manages this championship is based in Las Vegas. A city is known for its exuberant and demonstrative side, as well as being the capital of the game.

It was in 1993 that the Ultimate Fighting Championship was born, in the form of a simple tournament. This sport was inspired by the Vale Tudo, a form of free combat practiced in Brazil. At the outset, the idea was to bring together the best fighters in free combat sports, to determine which fighting style was most effective in defending without a weapon. This tournament had to be unique, but the craze was such that other competitions were born. The fighters quickly realized that practicing only one form of combat would not be among the best. This is how Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) was born.
The concept has been exported to Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Asia. The craze is gaining momentum. Fighting around the world is broadcast on television week after week.

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How To Watch UFC?

The bouts of the Ultimate Fighting Championship are generally broadcast in local bars and restaurants, which may eventually increase their prices significantly that evening. To be able to watch at home, fans generally subscribe to a sports channel or to the dedicated channel of the UFC - UFC Fight Pass. If you are one of the 383 million people who already have a subscription to a video-on-demand service, this will be added to your monthly bill.
However, subscribing does not mean that you will be able to watch all the fights. Due to broadcast restrictions, it may even be money thrown out the window, because maybe you are not living in the right place. You have to look at the UFC website to understand where I'm coming from. The most anticipated fight in history, Mayweather vs. McGregor, could not be viewed by fans located in Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Germany, Iran, Ireland, Japan, North Korea, Lebanon, Libya, New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, Somalia, Sudan, Switzerland, Syria, the United Kingdom, Uruguay, and Venezuela. What a list! It makes them disappointed fans!

How can they know where I am?

The answer is in one word: geoblocking. Simply put, geoblocking uses your Internet Protocol (IP) address to determine which country you are in. An IP address is made up of a series of numbers and dots that might look like this: 123.4.567.890. It is the computer's identity card, which allows it to communicate with servers around the world.

IP addresses are not fixed. If you go to MacDo with your laptop, your laptop will use a different IP address than the one it uses at home.
The IP address is assigned to your computer by your internet service provider (ISP). ISPs store blocks of addresses in databases and each IP address is linked to a specific geographic location. These blocks of IP addresses are called geo-blocks.
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This means that the UFC can decide on access conditions specific to each country, and in addition, some users will not be able to watch the championship because their country does not benefit from access conditions. So, as I said above, you may be able to pay but you may not be able to watch the fights. Now that sounds a bit abused, doesn't it?

So you will have to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Streaming enthusiasts have been using VPNs for a long time, to mask their IP address. Not only does a VPN encrypt the data sent over the net to the VPN server, but it also assigns the same IP address to dozens of people. Put like that, it feels like you're losing privacy - yet that's what makes it difficult to identify, and therefore makes your browsing anonymous. Of course, you can also use a dedicated IP address via a dedicated VPN.

The problem is that online service administrators are also aware of the existence of shared IP addresses. So, if an address is used too much, it will end up blocked. A number of VPN providers have thrown in the towel, but not all. Shellfire, for example, continues to offer the same quality of service and accessibility. They are always as keen to end discrimination on the net.
Even better, Shellfire is really very easy to use. Just download the software. Try! You can use it on all your mobile devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops, anywhere. No risk: for 14 days, it's free! The customer service is particularly responsive and will do everything in its power so that you can watch your favorite program. Your privacy will be kept private, and they will make it possible for you to watch what you want, where you want. 
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