What Is Code Of The Sith And iIs Meaning

Hey, how are you? ^ ^ Today I bring you a new blog where I will talk about the depth of the Sith Code and the Dark Side.
Code Of The Sith
1. Small Introduction
We all know the Sith. We all know his way of acting. They don't care about anyone but themselves and use their emotions like anger and hate to get what they want. As I said, we all know who these Dark Lords are, but let me ask you, of these four options that I am going to give you, what do you think is the ultimate goal of the Sith and their use of the Dark Side? Think about it and choose one to later download.
What is the purpose of the Sith and its Code?
A. Absolute power.
B. Freedom
C. Equality
D. Simply your own benefit.

... well, you will have chosen.
Code Of The Sith And iIs Meaning
2. The Sith Code
This code was created more than 7,000 years before the Battle of Yavin when the exiled Jedi arrived in Korriban and discovered the race of the Sith. Once their lords were made they founded a dark order, the Sith Order, and devised their own code as opposed to the Jedi.
"Peace is a lie. There is only passion.
With passion, I gain strength.
With strength, I gain power.
With power I get victories.
With the victory, my chains are broken.
The Force will free me. "
Code Of Sith
3. Meaning
For a long time, the Sith recited these words without giving them any importance. It was not until Bane's time that its true meaning was found, found by said Dark Lord. With an exhaustive study and understanding of the Sith story, he concluded that the ultimate goal of the Sith who made the Code and therefore of those who should follow it is ...
... freedom.
WHAT IS Code Of The Sith And iIs Meaning
But not everyone's freedom. The Sith did not believe in equality, they distinguished between strong individuals and weak individuals claiming that this was the natural order and that it could not be altered with that perversion known as "equality" since it chained the strong and trained along with the weakest and slow It prevented them from moving forward. They also believed that peace did not exist, because no matter how much they tried, there would always be a fort that took advantage of a weak and a conflict that made beings grow and evolve to make them stronger. This is how the first part of the code was born: there is no peace, there is only passion. Because only with the passion of the strong and the entrepreneurs do things move, and only with the passion and the will can you achieve what you crave so much.

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With this reflection we reach the second part: with passion I get strength. The strength of the Sith is the will, supported by feelings such as anger that drive action. That passion, that will, gives them the strength to exercise their power. And so we get to the next part. With strength I get power. That burning fire that arose from your passion and transformed into your strength is now power. The power to impose your will through the Force and manipulate it to execute impressive movements. But this is not the end for the Sith. According to Darth Bane, those dark lords who simply sought power and more power as the ultimate goal were not worthy to govern the Sith, as they had become stuck and engaged in their struggle to be invincible and untouchable. No, the power was not the end, if not a means to reach the true end. Thus was born the following code perception: with power I get victories.
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This remarks that power is not the end if not part of the way. Something similar to the credits, because many are dedicated to accumulate and accumulate wealth to be unattainable entering a loop of endless greed, while the authentic Sith sees that wealth as something to use. Money accumulated without purpose is wasted money, and the same goes for power. This must be used, used intelligently. And if it is done, victories will be reaped, over fighting, over yourself and over the same Force. And we reach the end since with victory the chains are broken. The chains of equality, peace, obedience, do not exist. You have overcome them, and now you are unstoppable. The strongest, the most skilled, the one worthy of getting everything he wants, because he will make it possible.
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That is the way of the Sith and the one that Darth Bane followed. From a simple Apatros miner he became the Dark Lord of the Sith. It was nothing and became everything. He was weak and became strong. A true Dark Lord of the Sith.
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And so this blog ends on the Dark Side and the Code of the Sith. Now that I think I have left something sinister ... meh: v what else will it give, I hope you liked it and well here Falleon says goodbye: grinning:

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