Top 7 best Task Managers For Android [Optimize your Android]

best Task Managers Apps For Android
Task Managers For Android
Although Android initially has an excellent performance, as time goes by it tends to slow down. It is when we need to occupy the best Task Managers For Android that helps us better visualize the origin of the resource consumption generated by the system slowdown. In that sense, today we will introduce you to the best task managers for Android so that you keep all your equipment resources monitored.
               best Task Managers For Android
  • ES Task Manager

Android Task Manager
In my opinion, this is one of the best task managers for android, From the same creators of ES File Explorer, this application comes with the mission of helping you in the monitoring of tasks in execution. In that sense, it shows the amount of memory consumed and the possibility of stopping the processes you want. It also has default functions that do the work for us, such as the "Optimize" option to free memory automatically or the ability to kill all processes.

To download it, follow this link.

  • SystemPanelLite

Android Task Manager
This task manager stands out for its graphical interface. In addition to showing the running processes, it has graphics concerning the use of CPU, memory, and network that are very attractive. You can stop the processes you want and even display information regarding the battery and storage.
Follow this link to try it.

  • Watchdog

Android Task Manager

As the name implies, this app stays in the background sniffing through some process that consumes all your memory. Additionally, you can see the list of processes and stop them.
Get it from this link.
  • Go Cleaner & Task Manager
In addition to allowing the administration of running processes, this app is capable of cleaning your computer from junk files. In that sense, you have the possibility to monitor all the resources of the Smartphone with a single application. Your junk file scanner can effectively relieve storage load.
To download it, follow this link.

  • Zapper

Android Task Manager
With Zapper you have the possibility to see in detail what happens with the processes of your equipment, on a very comfortable interface. In this way, you can select the process that generates problems in the system and stop it easily. The application is free and available in this link.

  • Super Task Killer

This application is quite simple but fully fulfills its mission. With a very simple interface, it is able to show the running processes on your Android providing the possibility to stop them. It does not have more ornaments and functions, but if what you are looking for is specifically to know the running processes and stop them, this is the app you need.
Get it by following this link.

  • Smart Task Manager

This is another great task manager for android it's extremely complete. With a simple interface, it shows all the processes and applications running. It also offers the possibility of stopping them and knowing all their information. On the other hand, it is possible to backup apps and knows the complete information about our system.
Download it by following this link.
we provided you in this article with the list of the best task managers for android if you have other tsk mangers you want them to make the list please feel free to leave them in a comment below.

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